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Wedding Pours

Take a Different Approach to the Traditional Sand Ceremony!

Instead of sand, you and your loved one(s) can pour tiny pieces of colorful glass, which can then be displayed or made into a wonderful work of art.

Come in and select your colors. Popular choices include the wedding's colors, the favorite colors of the soon-to-be-wed and their children, or the colors which best represent the families of the soon-to-be-wed.
Prices for the glass differ depending on the color, but it costs approximately $10 per color. Just return with your wedding pour once the colors have been combined to place an order for a one-of-a-kind piece or sign up for one of our Glass Making Experiences and use your wedding pour as your choice of colors when participating! Some people have even set up a Private Event in which the wedding pour colors were used by the party to further unify their loved ones!


Wedding Pour Ideas

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