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Private Event Pricing

Here at Firenation, we like to keep it simple...

Glass Blower Shaping Glass
Turning Glowing Glass

Now Booking October 
July - September  FULL

Private Events

Did You Miss Out on Your Favorite Experience?
Perhaps You were Designated this Year's Party Planner?

We at Firenation have you covered. A Private Event is the perfect way to make that piece you missed, just have 7 others join you. Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion? Looking for a team-building experience? Bring family, friends or coworkers together for a couple hours of glass making fun.

Private Event Pricing

Our prices for a Private Event are no different than what you would pay if you signed up for an existing class.

  • Seasonal Glass: $55 per person

  • Choose from paperweight (round or flat), heart, bird, egg, flower, jellyfish, bunny, rubber duckie, apple, snowman or polar bear. Projects are pictured below. Participants will have an array of colors to choose from.


  • You are required to pay for 8 Spots.

    • This does not mean, however, that you must have 8 people participate. 

    • For example: "I only have 6 people, but I paid for 8 spots." - this means there are 2 extra glass pieces in need of making. 2 people could make 2 pieces or 1 person could make 3. You decide.

  • You are required to pay for 2 Spots as a down-payment for your event.

    • The remainder of your balance may be paid in advance or the day of your event, by you or by those you have invited.

  • All participants are required to make the same object.

Book Your Event

Email us at to inquire about Private Events. Be prepared to provide us with the following information...

  • How many spots (with a minimum of 8 and up to 12) will you be reserving?

  • What item will your party be making?

  • What dates work for you?​​

    • Please provide at least 2 potential dates*.

*Private Events will be available select Wednesday & Friday evenings through December. Private Events start at 5:45 pm and end around 8:30pm.





Experience Pumpkin Cropped.jpg


September - Apple.jpg





Rubber Duckie

Polar Bear

Experience Jelly_edited.jpg


Release of Liability / 
Emergency Contact Form

Please review our Release of Liability / Emergency Contact Form for important information, including, but not limited to, clothing requirements, age restrictions,  and general safety. You will be required to sign the form in order to participate.

We encourage you to fill this form out ahead of time and bring it with you to your Experience!

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